Choosing the right pharmaceutical courier

Ever wonder what it takes to become a medical courier? If so, here’s an inside look at what our team undergoes.

Are you looking to send something through a trusted courier service? Fleet Couriers is here to guide on whether you need a medical courier or non-medical courier services. Read this article to see which service is better to suit your needs.

When you’re considering hiring a courier service or delivery company, how do you know which one is the best option? Here’s a list of things you should try to avoid—any one of these can be a red flag for the company’s services. No tracking options You should have the ability to know where your deliveries […]

When you are in the medical industry, working with a dedicated fleet service in Massachusetts is critical. Though having your own team for deliveries might feel like the ideal solution at first glance, there are plenty of reasons you should instead consider a courier service like Fleet.

Posted on April 24, 2017 in Choosing the right pharmaceutical courier

Fleet Couriers knows that picking the right medical courier for you can be tricky and have a few characteristics you should keep in mind.

WBZ actually caught one of our professionals making importance deliveries during the February 10th storm, and he provided a short interview.

With so many relying on medical courier services, we must be prepared for these travels, and you want to be sure it offers all of these services necessary to meet your standards and requirements.

Fleet Couriers is a superior medical courier in the Massachusetts area because our couriers are trained for such medical deliveries.

The adrenaline that medical couriers feel is the real deal. As a medical courier in Boston, there are so many ways that the transport can go wrong that you are constantly on your toes. The time it takes to get from one place to the next can increase the chances of what can go wrong […]

Courier Services are making a huge splash across the delivery sphere. Have you ever noticed how often you actually see or hear the word courier on a day to day basis? Many times when an individual hears courier, they don’t fully know what that means. It is just another word. A courier is typically an […]