Red Flags from Your Delivery Company

Posted on February 20, 2018

When you’re considering hiring a courier service or delivery company, how do you know which one is the best option? Here’s a list of things you should try to avoid—any one of these can be a red flag for the company’s services.

No tracking options

You should have the ability to know where your deliveries are during transit. A company that hides tracking options from you may be doing so for an unscrupulous reason. Talk to the company before sending your shipment with them to decide if you need tracking and the best way to get it.

Drivers not in uniform

If the company’s drivers don’t wear a uniform, how can you be sure you’re handing your delivery to the right person? Anyone can claim they work for a courier, but without a uniform or ID card, there’s no proof they’re telling the truth.

No insurance

If the company has no insurance, it means they’re leaving the fate of your delivery to chance. A reliable courier will have insurance so that if there is a mistake or accident with your delivery, you can get your money back.

History of lost packages

Read the reviews of the company. Is there a history of lost packages? If so, chances are they may lose your delivery as well. Trust your guy when reviewing a service—if the reviews are bad, and you don’t feel right about using them, there’s likely a very good reason.

At Fleet Couriers, we take care to do everything right. Our uniformed drivers are insured, and we’ll make sure you can know where your package is at any time. We understand that security and safety for your deliveries are of the utmost importance, and we’ll always treat it as such. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your shipments.

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