Choosing the Right Medical Courier

Posted on April 24, 2017

When we live in a world where all our deliveries are expected in less than 7 business days, it’s no surprisecourier service that the field of healthcare expects the highest quality services when they invest in a medical courier. From medication transports to medical emergencies, the courier used should be able to hold the superior standards set forth by the different agencies to provide the best deliveries possible. Fleet Couriers knows that picking the right medical courier for you can be tricky and have a few characteristics you should keep in mind.

Agency training and compliance

As a business that relies on transportation and the movement of medical supplies and specimens, medical couriers must be compliant with the various agencies that impact their work. For those reasons, Fleet thoroughly trains each of our drivers for USDOT, OSHA, HIPAA, ECP, and PHI compliance to give each customer the best level of care and privacy.


Being able to call on a courier service at any time is critical for any person in the medical field. Choosing the right dedicated fleet service in Massachusetts means having access to them no matter what day. For example, Fleet Couriers is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are committed to our customers, not the calendar.

Knowledge and experience

Medical couriers must be trained and fully prepared for any situation, and that involves more than just having the equipment to do so. The best medical couriers in the business are those who are trained, well-informed, and have experience in the field to back it up. Logistics are half of the battle while navigating these important deliveries, and first-hand practice is the best way to learn these skills.

Fortunately, Fleet Couriers is known across New England for providing medical deliveries. We have the team, knowledge, compliance, and consistency you want to see in an industry that deals with the health and wellbeing of its clients.

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