What Your Medical Courier Needs to Know

Posted on March 8, 2017

Medical Couriers offer hospitals, offices, and professionals in the industry a variety of benefits which are all centered around providing quality, accurate, and personalized delivery services. With so many relying on emergency or even just same day services, couriers must be prepared for these travels in the best way possible, and you want to be sure it offers all of these services necessary to meet your standards and requirements.


Courier companies meet with their clients to discuss the logistics of their needs to entire their dispatcher and courier are well equipped to handle any situation that comes their way. Learning about their needs regarding delivery services (emergency, scheduled, etc.), the various routes that are used to access their facility, the nature of their packages, and other items similar.

CompliancesHIPAA Trained Couriers

Like other industries that require complete safety for their equipment and employees, medical couriers must be trained and compliant with the requirements of their customers to protect their packages and their couriers. For that reason alone, Fleet Courier trains all professionals for both USDOT and OSHA compliance.

Extensive training

Working in the medical field has a lot of risks, and handling packages with the best care is essential. Packages involve both privacy and security requirements through HIPAA and Protected Health Information (PHI) training, Exposure Control Plans (ECP), Emergency exposure incident procedures, and more.

Being a dedicated fleet service in Massachusetts is how Fleet Couriers has become widely known across New England for performing emergency medical deliveries which are an essential aspect of many in the industry. We can provide our medical clients with consistent, prompt, and professional services that allow us to work in the field time and time again.

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