Medical Delivery

Medical delivery services through Fleet Couriers are always HIPAA, OSHA and DOT Compliant.

Available 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days a year

There will always be a live voice so you never have to leave a message.

Bar Code Scanning

Every delivery is scanned and tracked using our state of the art scanning app to ensure proper chain of custody.

STAT Deliveries

Our couriers are trained per our customer requirements to handle all types of emergency deliveries.

Route or Scheduled Deliveries

Scheduled daily pickups of specimens or lab work from your affiliated doctors, laboratories, clinics or hospitals.

Training Program

In order to meet our customer requirements, we offer a comprehensive medical courier training program. Our couriers receive training in all areas of HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogens.  Couriers carry OSHA and DOT compliant equipment to ensure delivery integrity
Click here to read more about our Training Program.

Blood Banks

We perform thousands of emergency blood deliveries throughout the course of the year. Our Blood Bank couriers know the sensitivity of the delivery of blood as well as platelets. They are caring and understand that your patients are depending on them to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

Pharmacy-Long Term Health Care-Hospice

Whether you are a small or large pharmacy, we can provide delivery services for all your pharmaceutical facilities and customers. We train our couriers according to your requirements and facility rules for medical couriers. We respect the privacy of the residents or hospice patients and have the experience in all types of pharmacy deliveries including nursing homes, hospices, assisted living and private homes.

Administrative Documents

Interoffice or off-site delivery of sensitive paper documentation.

Fiscal Services

We will deliver your deposits or any type of paperwork to your bank or financial institution.

Mail Delivery

Deliveries to and from your post office as well as between campus facilities.

Medical Equipment

With our fleet of vans and trucks, we can transfer equipment safely and securely.

Per our customer requirements couriers and dispatchers are trained with the most up-to-date privacy and security requirements of HIPAA.

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