What Does Medical Courier Training Entail?

Posted on January 24, 2017

National, residential delivery services are a great option for those who are looking to shop online for their favorite clothes and luxury items because of their convenience and broad reach. For all of these great qualities, one characteristic those large companies lack are the training credentials necessary to complete emergency deliveries, such as medical couriers.

Fleet Couriers is a superior medical courier in the Massachusetts area because our couriers are trained for Medical Transportation Bostonsuch medical deliveries. In order to meet our customer requirements, Fleet offers a comprehensive medical training program. Many could wonder what this training entails, and our team would be happy to explain.

To begin, Fleet’s couriers are trained I all areas of HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogens as well as carrying OSHA and DOT compliant equipment, which ensures the safe delivery and integrity of the items being moved. With working knowledge of the most up-to-date privacy and security requirements, our couriers and dispatchers understand what Protected Health Information (PHI) is and the means by which they secure these items, both electronically and physically.

In addition to the Bloodborne Pathogen, HIPAA, and PHI training, our professionals are also complete training for an Exposure Control Plan (ECP), transportation of infectious materials, and emergency procedures for exposure incidents. Their safety equipment includes spill hits, scoops/scrapers, emergency phone card, DOT Authorized Transport Containers, and Security Identification.

If there is one thing Fleet has learned over our years of medical couriering, it is the importance of following the laws that protect the health and safety of those impacted by the materials we are transferring. Our professionals perform thousands of emergency blood deliveries in a year, long-term health care pharmacy services, medical equipment deliveries, paperwork and document deliveries, and more.

When you work with Fleet Couriers, you can rest well knowing that our team is trained and prepared for any potential emergency that comes our way, and we’re more than ready to help in the best way we can.

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