The Difference Between Mail and Medical Couriers

Posted on November 21, 2021

medical couriers

You may not realize it, but there are actually multiple different kinds of couriers in the world. The type of courier that one would try getting depends on the type of parcel you are transporting. At Fleet Couriers, our team of medical couriers and parcel couriers are trained to safely and securely deliver your packages promptly. But how do you know what kind of service you would need? Read this article to find out!


What is a Medical Courier?

Medical couriers deliver time-sensitive medical supplies. These items include lab samples, specimens, medical records, test results, images, and more. Medical couriers pick up items from hospitals or third party lab and deliver them quickly. This is done to make sure that the packages are checked on frequently, making sure that the items are safe and are not at risk.  In addition, medical couriers are trained differently than normal mail couriers as the items they deliver are very different. Some items medical couriers carry need special attention, such as a temperature-controlled vehicle and constant checks to ensure that the items are still safe.  


What is a Courier Service?

Courier services typically handle bigger, less time-sensitive items. This type of service is more commonly used for bulky and heavy objects like larger packages. Usually, courier services focus on express and door-to-door delivery options. Services like these do not rely on time-sensitive deliveries. However, the service can be requested by the sender or the receiver. 


Differences Between Delivery and Courier Services

People often confuse delivery and courier services. Delivery services have set routes for deliveries, while courier services work once the orders are placed. 


Differences Between Other Couriers and Fleet Couriers

Since 1996, Fleet couriers have been providing professional delivery and logistical services. We work around the clock to ensure that your deliveries make it on time and safely. In addition, our team strives to give you the best customer service to properly assist you in figuring out which courier service is suitable to suit your needs. Whether you need a medical courier or non-medical, our dispatchers are always here to help with your needs or questions. 

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