Fleet Couriers Was on WBZ!

Posted on April 4, 2017

It might be spring in New England, but we have at least a few more weeks of unpredictable weather left. Just in February alone, we had a handful of major snow storms that kept plenty of drivers off the road, but not Fleet Couriers. In fact, WBZ actually caught one of our prhqdefaultofessionals making importance deliveries during the February 10th storm, and he provided a short interview.

Much like medical professionals and law enforcement, medical couriers in MA don’t have a say in if they can handle driving in less-than-ideal weather conditions. With so many critical jobs, including medical deliveries to and from 24-hour pharmacies with customers who need their medications and other valuable products, our drivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That being said, we gauge the roads and our delivery times accordingly. We always work to get packages and other items to our customers as timely as possible, but we also know arriving there in one piece is just as essential. Our drivers are trained for all weather conditions and have years of experience in the rain, hail, sleet, and snow.

On top of having the proper training to drive in these conditions, our professionals also meet the requirements set in place by HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens, and carry OSHA and DOT compliant equipment to ensure delivery integrity.

Our customers are what matter most, and providing the best medical courier services in Massachusetts is our only priority. Our doors have been open since 1996, and we will continue to work in snow storms and other harsh weather conditions to deliver essential medicines and other services to our clients.

With more questions about our services and how we can help you, please call our experts today at (800) 734-9309.