Benefits of a Courier? Less human error.

Posted on March 3, 2016

medical deliveryIn today’s society there is a need to be able to send things in a flash. With so many delivery options to choose from there are many things to consider. Time frame and cost is the main concern for many individuals. Your package needs to get there overnight, who do you call? The USPS is only open certain hours and forget about if you miss the 5 o’clock mail pick up; you have to wait a whole day before being able to have your package sent. There is also no guarantee that a large delivery service such as UPS or FedEx will be able to pick it up in time.

Small Courier services are available for any need big or small. Many smaller courier services are usually available 24/7 so you can make sure that if you have time sensitive material it will make it to its destination. Also, more times than not small couriers are far more reliable than any other delivery service. With a small company you can be sure that you will know your driver off the bat. That same driver that picks up your package will be the one to deliver it.

With the USPS, though it is much larger and will deliver farther than smaller services, your package will go through multiple people that you do not get to meet and evaluate. Mail is important but there is a concern when sending something with snail mail. There are many horror stories about checks being lost in the mail or mail going to the wrong house. How many times were you the one delivering your neighbors mail? Using a larger company where your package passes between multiple individuals allows more risks of human error. One misstep and it could spell disaster for your company or individual needs.

Courier services tend to allow you better means of package security. Certain couriers use technology that allow you to know who your driver will be at pick up so you can be certain to hand your precious cargo to the right individual. Also courier services are very good at keeping you informed of where your package is and when it will arrive. Though the post office has the tracking function as well, it is more likely to take at least one business day for it to activate and show you where your package is.

A day is too late when your delivery is of dire importance to you. When you ship local, it is best to choose local. Local boys know the area better than many large companies. Yes, your post man can deliver it to its destination, but they have a set route that they need to follow every day. With a local courier you can be sure that they will schedule their deliveries to suit everyone’s needs.

If you have timely goods it is better to be safe. Couriers are cheaper and more reliable with their services. As long as you make sure that the courier is with the company and they can answer the basic questions about what their company does, then your package will be perfectly safe in their hands. So next time you need to quickly deliver a package, call your local courier. They are always open.