Women Couriers-Rose Greenhow

Posted on August 30, 2016

rose greenhowAt Fleet Couriers, we enjoy knowing where we came from and the major parts of our history. We are a courier service that would not be here if it weren’t for some of the innovations of individuals before us. However, when many individuals think of couriers in Massachusetts, they think mail carriers and package delivery men. This is 100% true. We would like to expand the category a little bit though. Would you ever consider having a spy fall into the courier title?

The truth is, spies are sometimes the best couriers that an individual could have. Going into enemy lines, gathering information and getting it securely back to the destination sounds very similar to what a modern courier does. We gather the package, work our way through the city and deliver the package. We gather the ‘information’ to deliver, same as spies. Some of the most famous spies that the United States had, happened to come from the Civil War.

Many women became spies during the civil war when the men were away at war. Women just happened to make most of America’s best spies during that time. One of the best was Rose Greenhow.

Also known as “Wild Rose”, Rose O’Neal Greenhow lived her life in Washington, DC. She was the wife of a wealthy and prominent doctor which allowed her to climb the ranks of society in Washington. Her life wasn’t always the happiest. In the mid-1800s her husband and 5 children out of their 8 had died. This caused great turmoil as nearly all of her family was lost. That is until the Civil War broke out.

Within a few months of the Civil War’s start, Rose became a supporter of the Confederacy and because she was so congenial, she was able to gain a growing network of spies for the confederacy. As a member of society, she was able to gain information from various diplomats, meaning she could then pass information General Beauregard.

In one instance she sent her courier, Bettie Duvall, to deliver a message for her. Duval actually travelled 20 miles through Union territory with a message for General Beauregard hidden in her hair about the attack on Manassas (Bull Run) that the Union had planned. She was apparently credited by the Confederate President Jefferson Davis for the success in the battle. A good nod for a courier.

She was eventually confined to her house, but when that didn’t stop her spy activities (she was caught sending messages to Confederate leaders) she was sent to prison. In 1862 she was released and fled to England. On a return trip, the ship ran aground. Rose drowned because she was weighed down by gold she planned to bring back to the confederacy.

Loyal to the end Rose Greenhow worked to get her messages to the individuals that needed them. The same way the Fleet couriers works to ensure fast, reliable service for all of our deliveries, same-day or otherwise, Greenhow made sure the job got done by any means possible. We aim to be one of the best couriers in Massachusetts, so while we promise our cars won’t be detained in any way, we do promise to serve you in every way we can.

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