Who Needs Big Name Companies When MA Courier Service Delivers?

Posted on October 21, 2021

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No matter what industry you are in or what your company’s focus may be, sending packages every day is a part of reality. And, depending on the industry, some items require the highest levels of care. Therefore, you are faced with the choice of relying upon the national big named delivery services or putting your faith in a local MA courier service like Fleet Couriers.


Not only is it essential for your customers to receive their items in perfect condition, but it’s also a direct reflection on the reputation of your business to make sure that items are shipped quickly and safely. Thus, this choice of yours is a big choice to make.


The concerns.

The problem with using services like FedEx and UPS is that you can never be sure how packages are handled once they leave your office or warehouse. Do the workers pay attention to the large “FRAGILE” stickers your employees carefully apply to each box? Or, is it possible that they are trying to keep up with the highest levels of demand and are working so quickly that they simply don’t take the time to notice?


Let’s talk about delivery times.

How about the delivery time? Even though same-day or next-day shipping is promised, can you be assured that your customers will receive their packages promptly? Because of the number of packages shipping companies handle in a day, delivery time can be delayed for many reasons – including the recent bout of unpredictable storms. As a business owner who wants to provide the highest levels of customer service in every possible way, this can make using a shipping company even more frustrating.


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For these reasons, it makes sense to send items in a more personal way to ensure your customers receive their packages safely and on time. You want your customers to become repeat customers by offering their business again. With services like expedited delivery, personalized care on orders from beginning to end, you can rest assured you place yourself among the highest services recommended. 

While it’s true that courier services in MA might be a little bit more expensive, the service you will obtain will more than pay for itself. By using a same-day courier, you can rest assured that your packages will get where they are supposed to get, safe and sound. Couriers are explicitly trained in delicate delivery, which guarantees the complete satisfaction of your customers.


It’s a small price to pay for a bit of peace of mind. There’s no need to pay a large shipping company like FedEx or UPS to 

toss your customers’ packages around a truck. Instead, you can employ the services Fleet Couriers to deliver the ultimate customer experience.


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