What Does a Medical Courier Do?

Posted on May 21, 2019

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Chances are that at one time or another, you have been sent to a lab by your doctor.  Whether it be a routine blood testing or a more specific, in-depth request, the laboratory took some sort of sample from you.  Have you ever wondered what happened to that sample after it was drawn? Many times doctor and labs will use the services of medical couriers to transport hazardous materials from point A to point B.  At Fleet Couriers, we strive to make life easy with our team of trained professional drivers that are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We Deliver

Medical couriers play many roles.  One of these roles involves being flexible and available.  Due to the nature of the business, at Fleet Couriers, we understand medical services could be needed at any time.  That is why we offer around the clock service, all year long.  Not only can you reach someone to schedule a same-day delivery, but you can also track your package online.  We believe in exceptional customer service, and with that, comes peace of mind.

Perhaps same-day service is not what you need, Fleet Couriers also offers routed services from our medical couriers.  If a guaranteed pick up and drop off every day at the same time is more in line with your needs, we have you covered.  Not only will your medical elements be transported safely, but you get to know your driver.  Thus, you are given further comfort knowing that your deliveries are in the best hands.

We Meet Expectations

Almost anyone can deliver a package.  However, not everyone can be good at delivering.  One of the most crucial roles of a medical courier is to be where they should be when they should be.  Due to the nature of the material being transported, time is of the essence.  At Fleet Couriers, our team of dedicated medical couriers understands how crucial your delivery is.  Our expert drivers know the ins and outs of the roads, so unexpected construction and detours have become a thing of the past.

We are Trained

Our drivers are compliant.  Although some medical couriers may not be, at Fleet Couriers we take our job seriously.  Being HIPAA, OSHA, and DOT compliant are requirements of our skilled team.  Because of the required comprehensive training our drivers go through you can be confident in the person handling your precious material.


If your line of work requires the services of medical couriers, contact Fleet Couriers today.  Providing exceptional customer service with up-to-date tracking technologies, Fleet Couriers provides companies peace of mind with their courier services.  Call Fleet Couriers today and be confident your valuable work is in the best hands  (800) 734-9309.