Top Questions To Ask When Hiring a Truck Courier

Posted on July 7, 2019

If you’ve ever considered the use of truck couriers for your business needs, you know there are many options out there.  Thus, choosing the best courier for your needs can be an overwhelming process.  Here at Fleet Couriers, we love making our customer’s lives easy.  That is why we’ve created this helpful list of questions to ask when deciding on the ideal courier company.


What makes you better than your competitors?

Although this is a loaded question, it’s a good question to ask.  Companies that have a solid background and know the industry will have no trouble providing you a list of reasons why.  A few things that may arise could be delivery options, guarantees, customer assistance, pricing, and so on.  Whatever the answers may be, listen to your gut.  One of the most important impressions is the first one.


Do you guarantee your deliveries?

Many companies today will provide their customers with a window of delivery.  Although this works for some, it doesn’t work for many.  Time-sensitive deliveries need a guarantee from the courier that they’ll arrive on time.  Whether it’s same-day delivery or a routine scheduled delivery service, you should choose a courier company that has a solid reputation for standing behind their word.


How big is your fleet?

A side note to many, fleet size is an important consideration.  Why, you may be wondering? Because the larger the fleet, the higher the guarantee that your items will arrive where they’re supposed to when they’re supposed to.  For instance, if the truck that was scheduled out suddenly breaks down, your package can easily be swapped into another vehicle for uninterrupted service.


What technology do you use?

Years ago hiring a courier was a lot different then it is today.  With the advancements in technology that the industry has undergone, your package is at your fingertips, literally.  A company that stays up to date with technology shows concern when it concerns customer service.  Allowing customers the ease of scheduling, tracking, and having contact is imperative in today’s world. 


Do your truck couriers undergo a training program?

Although it may not seem like a question that needs to be asked, you’d be surprised at how many unqualified drivers are on the road.  Knowing that your items are in the hands of a trained professional driver can make all the difference.  Besides, someone that is not trustworthy will, most likely, not take the time to complete a full training process.  You’ve worked hard to get your business where it is; you should trust the hands you’re hiring.

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If you’re searching for the right courier company in Mass, consider Fleet Couriers.  From truck couriers to medical deliveries, our team of professionals have everything you require.  Visit us online to learn more, or give us a call at (800) 734-9309.