Top 8 Couriers in Film

Posted on October 26, 2018

Though courier services may not be the oldest profession in the world, it’s up there. Since the invention of reading and writing all the way back in primitive times, there have been people delivering correspondence. As civilization advanced more people could read and write and people became aware of other cultures and countries. It’s no surprise Hollywood has been fascinated with couriers. They’ve popped up in movie after movie over the years. Here is our countdown of top 6 couriers in film.

6. The Singing Telegram of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

All right, this is a stretch. The Singing Telegram woman from The Rocky Horror Picture Show didn’t have a lot of screentime. In fact, the only part of the message she was able to deliver was “I am a singing telegram.” She lands the lowest on this list if only because she never actually read the message. At least she was fun for those three seconds before her untimely demise.

5. The Courier or The Courier

In The Courier, Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a specialist carrier. His courier services bring him in contact with The German. The reason The Courier falls so low on the list is that couriers should not be so actiony. Sometimes you just want a package without the fanfare, y’know?

4. Frank Martin of The Transporter

The first courier on this list to appear in more than one film, Jason Statham stars as Frank Martin in The Transporter and its two sequels. Frank Martin carries packages for private clients. He lands number four on this list because he’s tough and action-packed in a good way.

3. Chuck Noland of Cast Away

Tom Hanks’s performance as Chuck Noland was a hard courier to put on this list. While Cast Away is a fantastic film and Hanks won an Oscar for the role, he never actually delivers anything. Sure, he works for FedEx, but is that enough? Noland only ranks so high because of Hanks.

2. Lucas Brunelle of Line of Sight

Another difficult courier to place, Lucas Brunelle holds the distinction of being the only real-life courier on this list. Brunelle is a courier who gets caught up in messenger bike racing. He’s the charming protagonist of this 2012 documentary.

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1. Wilee of Premium Rush

Premium Rush was a sleeper hit from 2012. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a confident bike messenger who gets in trouble with a cop played by Michael Shannon. Watching these two juggernauts collide on screen, and Wilee’s impressive ingenuity makes him our number one courier in film.



Couriers have been around for most of history. Hollywood is always looking for an exciting and unique story to tell, and the courier industry is full of stories. The next time you need a movie to watch, give one of these a try. For real-life courier services when Lucas Brunelle isn’t around, try Fleet Couriers. Contact Fleet Couriers at 800-734-9309 or visit them online.