Three Couriers Who Take Their Jobs Very Seriously

Posted on August 11, 2015

Couriers in Boston from FleetWe already know that for your Boston courier needs, you’ll choose Fleet Couriers. Our expert staff, commitment to speed and quality, and 24/7 365 days a year policy make us the clear choice for your delivery needs compared to our competition. And, of course, you know that when you choose Fleet, you’re working with a team of professional Boston couriers who’ll handle your cargo carefully, and ensure that it makes it to its destination on time and intact.

But we recognize that there are a lot of other passionate couriers out there who take their commitment to getting packages to where they need to go just as seriously as we do. Here’s a list of three couriers who took pride in their work.

City Bike Couriers

Take a perfectly good road bike, remove its breaks, and put on a fixed gear hub – meaning your legs are directly tied to the motion of the bike – and then ride that bike through the most congested streets in the country as fast as you can. What sounds like a quick trip to an emergency room is just another day on the streets for inner city bike messengers.

Tom Hanks in Castaway

We fully realize that Tom Hanks’ character is a fictional character in a fictional scenario, but come on. Can you think of someone more committed to getting packages to where they need to be than a man who’s stranded on a desert island and still manages to get most of the packages where they’re going? Sure they were a few months or years late, so we have to dock him some points for time, but he still managed to get them there.

Bill Meier

You probably haven’t heard of Bill Meier before, but rest assured he’s one of the most grizzled, veteran couriers in the nation. With over 30 years under his belt as a dedicated bike messenger and delivery man, Bill has earned his place in the pantheon of messenger heroes. You can find a short documentary about his life over here.

When it comes to Boston couriers, though, your best choice is Fleet Couriers. Call us today at (800) 734-9309.