The Increased Demand for Truck Couriers Continues

Posted on May 21, 2021

Panic is setting in as trucking companies in Massachusetts search for new drivers. According to the American Trucking Association, the current shortage of truck couriers could surge significantly in the next five years. In general, the United States is already experiencing a critical shortage of drivers. With an uncertain economy, what the future holds is truly anyone’s guess.

truck couriers

The workforce.

Part of the problem is that many companies are finding it difficult to hire young drivers willing to take long hauls. Younger truck drivers are not interested in being away from their homes and families for more extended periods of time – especially during a pandemic. Instead, local jobs that allow these drivers to return home every night are taking precedence.

Even in a challenging economy, the interest trucking companies see has been from seasoned drivers who are familiar with the industry. Even so, there are not enough of these drivers to fill the increasing demand. And, those who are willing to make the longer trips, are generally not far from retirement.

The economy.

Experts predict that as the economy begins to recover, there will be an increased demand in the amount of products requiring transportation. The trucking industry is already responsible for transporting around 80% of the cargo in the United States. This continued increase will create approximately 115,000 more truck courier openings. However, the number of people who are training for this role is less than 10% of what the industry will require.

While we all look forward to an improvement in the economy after the past year, now is the time to refocus on what we need to help businesses thrive. At Fleet Couriers, we offer same day trucking services that cover the Northeast, so you can be sure that your cargo arrives at its destination on time.

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