The Medical Delivery Team You Need

Posted on July 21, 2020

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In the healthcare industry, every second matters. With little room for error, all protocols must be precise and compliant with HIPAA, OSHA & DOT. Ensuring the safety of your patients and prescription holders are our top priority. At Fleet Couriers, our hardworking team of medical couriers in Boston are professionally trained to transport urgent medical materials and devices, specimens, blood work, tissue samples, medications, and much more.

Always adhering to strict federal, state, and client guidelines, our team of medical couriers have become some of the most trusted in the city. Medical materials are always stored properly and delivered routinely to your laboratory, hospital, pharmacy, or clinic, on time. Furthermore, our team is considered essential and provides medical delivery services during harsh snowstorms and inclement New England weather. From pick up to drop off, you can rest assured that material integrity is managed and tightly monitored by our 24/7 service center. With package tracking, you can see real-time routes and progress. Simply sign into your account and track your delivery by the minute. Read below about the types of medical supplies we deliver on a daily basis.



Medical Delivery Supplies & Items

There’s really no limit as to which types of items we can deliver to your medical facility or clinic. Our medical delivery team will handle anything from prescriptions to legal documents, all the way to X-Ray components. Common medical supplies that we deliver are specimens, blood samples, emergency room materials, tissue samples, safety attire & basically any supplies that are relevant to the medical industry.



Where We Deliver

Fleet Couriers offers medical delivery services for healthcare and hospital systems, clinics, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies & home health care.


To get started today with your trusted Boston medical couriers, call us at (800) 734-9309 or fill out our contact form. Our medical delivery professionals are ready to handle any and all medical shipments for your facility. Located in Massachusetts, servicing all of New England and the Northeast.


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