Courier Services: The Ultimate Solution to Holiday Shipping

Posted on December 7, 2021

courier services

During the holidays, it is a given that most courier services will see slower shipping times. This fact can cause many people to be upset or find themselves worrying about whether or not their gifts will be delivered in time for the holidays. Let’s see why this is a growing problem around the world.


The influx in online shopping orders

Larger courier companies such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Amazon tend to start running into the issue right after Thanksgiving. Believe it or not, slower times generally don’t resolve themselves until the end of January. Why, the delays are due to the influx of online holiday shopping. During this time, everyone in the world is scrambling to find the perfect holiday gift for their loved ones. With over 7.9 billion people on the Earth, over 329.5 million in the United States alone, it is no doubt that the mailing systems see this as their busiest time of the year. 


Changing plans for courier services.

Due to many changes that were made through the year, there have been many sights of slower mail delivery rates as it is. Under their new management, USPS has seen spikes in prices and shipping rates even before the start of the holiday season. Much of the mail and packages we receive are through the mailing system, including gifts, cards, and other holiday items. However, it is also slowing and even halting the shipment of more essential items such as medications and time-sensitive documents. This is even being found in first-class shipping offers. Most first-class mail has been delivered within one to three days. However, you can see it being delivered within five days. 


Courier Services with Fleet Couriers 

Looking for reliable courier services that will quickly get your items to you or your customers? Fleet Couriers are the right place for you! We offer our shipping services 24/7/365 during rain, snow, or shine. Nothing will stop us from getting your packages to you! In addition to holiday gifts and non-time-sensitive items, we also offer shipping services for medical needs! No matter what the shipping task is, we will ensure that your things get to you or your customers promptly and safely.


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 For more information on how Fleet Couriers can save you time and money this holiday season, contact our team at 800-780-8216.