Saving Money with Courier Service

Posted on February 21, 2019


Every business owner knows running an efficient buma courierssiness is not cheap.  From the overhead to personnel, rent to office supplies, the list seems to increase continuously.  What if there were a way to decrease your cost? Your local MA courier service may seem like an added expense at first, but with a further look, you may reconsider. Couriers in the Massachusetts area are there to help save you money and take unneeded stresses away.


Daily Routes

Are you paying someone to run errands on the clock while reimbursing mileage, gas, and tolls? Hoping your employee gets from point A to B with no personal distractions detouring them from the task at hand.  Hiring a courier that provides daily route service eliminates the need for bank runs and mail drop-offs.  Medical and companies with large daily tasks can have a cost-effective personalized route created specifically for their needs.  Couriers will stay on track with no surprise costs to you.

Guaranteed Delivery

Have you ever had a driver get lost and head back to the office with an undelivered package?  You’re now utilizing more company time to send out a second driver, and taking even more time on the phone to appease an upset customer.  Couriers will pick-up and drop-off with no excuses.  With online tracking, you can stay productive at work while watching the package in route.  Surprise traffic jams and construction detours costing you money are a thing of the past.  Couriers will deliver at the up-front agreed cost regardless of life’s little surprises.

Exceptional service is a promise at Fleet Couriers.  Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for rush services or scheduled daily routes, reliability from professional, courteous drivers will keep your staff on-task and productive.  To request your free quote on your MA courier service call (800) 734-9309 or visit online.