Same Day Delivery in New England 24/7: Urgent Shipping

Posted on July 9, 2020

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There are certain situations when you require a product or item shipped to you ASAP, with no mistakes and within a very short time frame. This could be due to unforeseen circumstances, or plainly out of planning errors. On the other hand, there are certain industries that fully rely on same day shipping on a daily and scheduled basis. Dealing with larger shipping companies often results in late deliveries or misplaced packages. When it comes to same day delivery in New England, you need a company you can rely upon.


With competitive pricing and a shipping fleet behind us, Fleet Couriers in Massachusetts provides rush deliveries and next day deliveries to all states in New England. It’s never been more simple to receive express shipping with online ordering and delivery tracking step-by-step. Here are some common situations that we handle on a daily basis.



Same Day Shipping For Medical Facilities

Hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories require urgent medical shipping on a daily basis. Fleet Couriers handles same day medical deliveries for prescriptions, blood bags, medical supplies, and more. Our employee training process for medical deliveries is regimented and always HIPAA, OSHA & DOT compliant. Our fleet handles same day delivery and shipping with the utmost confidentiality and care for our clients.


Many New England healthcare facilities rely on Fleet Couriers for reliable and timely express delivery services. We have implemented daily & scheduled routes for our drivers dedicated solely to medical deliveries. While we deliver medical devices, blood bags, prescriptions & more; we also provide delivery for mailing, fiscal documents & administrative paperwork.



Unforeseen Circumstances 

According to Murphy’s Law, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. Certain situations are unavoidable no matter how much preparation and planning is involved. If you or your family members are in critical situations that require urgent delivery services, you can fully rely on Fleet Courier’s 24/7 same day delivery services. With an entire fleet behind us, you can be ensured that your delivery will be done on time and effectively.



Picture yourself in this case scenario. You’ve traveled hours to drop your child off at their New England university or college after spring break. On your way home, you get a frantic call from your child stating that they’ve left their wallet on the kitchen counter at home. They desperately need their student ID to get into the school cafeteria and for various reasons. Instead of waiting 2-3 business days to receive their wallet in the mail, you remember that Fleet Couriers offers same day delivery. Don’t gamble with other delivery businesses that could potentially misplace delivery items, or be days late on shipment.


Call us today at (800) 734-9309 to learn more about express delivery, as well as same day delivery in New England.


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