Same Day Delivery Massachusetts: Know Your Delivery Options

Posted on October 7, 2022

same day delivery massachusetts

These days, online retailers and delivery services promise things like “express shipping” and “expedited delivery” without defining what they mean by those terms. If you order a product or piece of equipment that you need for your business, will it show up on time? It can be impossible to know unless you are working with a delivery service that is clear about their delivery options. At Fleet Couriers, when we say we offer same day delivery in Massachusetts and New England, that’s exactly what we mean.

Let’s clear up the details and look at two important courier services: rush delivery and same day delivery.


Rush delivery

When you hire a courier, one of the services available is rush delivery. This is the option that you would select if you can’t wait and need your delivery to arrive as soon as possible. Items sent via rush delivery are sent directly to their final destination. They need to arrive by a certain time that is sooner than the typical delivery window, so they travel along the fastest route possible. Because this method is expensive for the seller, rush delivery usually costs considerably more than other delivery options.


Same Day Delivery

Sometimes when you order something, you just can’t wait a day or two for it to arrive. For example, if you run a manufacturing business or a medical facility and a piece of equipment breaks down, you need a replacement part or new equipment right away. Similarly, if you are a mechanic and need a part to fix a customer’s car, you don’t want to make your customer wait for multiple days if you can avoid it. Finding a courier company that can promise same day delivery, like Fleet Couriers, is essential for any business owner.


Same Day Delivery in Massachusetts and New England with Fleet Couriers

When you need your deliveries fast, you need Fleet Couriers. We offer same day delivery in Massachusetts and throughout New England and can set up regular and daily delivery routes as well as one-time deliveries. We are also HIPAA-compliant for medical delivery needs.


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