Same-Day Delivery in Massachusetts: How It All Began

Posted on May 21, 2020

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Since its beginning in 1998, same-day delivery in Massachusetts has undergone quite the evolution. In fact, the earliest recordings of companies offering this service later failed. Through trial and error, the courier industry has grown to become an empire in providing their customers with the level of service that no other generation has yet to surpass. Same day delivery. Does life get any better than that?

When most people think of same-day delivery, their minds go to the powerhouse retailer, Amazon. So, we feel the need to mention the beginnings of the online delivery promise. As far as we know,, was the first to offer one-hour delivery in the realm of online retail starting in 1998. Offering customers free one-hour delivery on a range of services including food, basics, videos, books, and more, the company appealed to a brought audience and had big expectations to fulfill. However, in 2001, the company failed after the dot-com bubble but left the foundation for a bright future.




After the failure of ideas sparked throughout the nation. However, same-day delivery in Massachusetts became more focused. As companies aimed to compete in the growing industry, every niche tried to find its way into the market. From same-day grocery delivery to flowers, even medical couriers came onto the scene; the interest turned then turned to the how.




Although the promise of same-day delivery was appealing, how to deliver the promise became the issue. Several companies found themselves falling short of their promise and ultimately paying the price. For example, Dominos used to promise a 30-minute delivery window, or your pizza was free. While that sounds great and they may be able to get your pie out of the door on time, there’s no controlling accidents and traffic, and you can be sure customers were watching the clock.


As time passed, companies realized the importance of investing in the latest technologies. Being aware of real-time road conditions enabled both the company and the customer with realistic expectations.


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With the luxuries of advanced technologies, people have come to expect the convenience of same-day delivery in Massachusetts in nearly every industry. As a business owner, this expectation means having a trusted courier service that you can rely on. At Fleet Couriers, we serve the greater Boston area with the utmost dedication and integrity. For decades our team has helped businesses of all industries fulfill their commitment to their customers with same-day delivery in Mass.


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