Rush delivery in Massachusetts?

Posted on March 30, 2015

Every day thousands of commuters take to the streets in a daily ritual called “rush hour”.  Living in Massachusetts we all know that there is nothing rush about that hour and it seldom lasts an hour.  But how about a courier service that offers rush deliveries?  Every day, all day courier companies offer a rush delivery service to their customers.  Whether it is delivering time senstive documents, pharmaceuticals to an assisted living facility or making sure that a birthday gift gets to the party on time, picking up a package and delivering it within hours takes a lot of planning and some courier companies do it better than others.  To make sure you pick the right courier company ensure that they have the following…

Live instant traffic updates or mapping

Direct contact with the couriers

Enough couriers to handle the rush deliveries needed by your company

If the answer to these questions is YES, then you have found a courier company with the pieces in place to make your rush deliveries.

Rush Delivery Service


Just having the parts in place doesn’t mean your rush deliveries will get to their destination when you want them.  Ask the dispatcher what happens when unforseen situations arise; traffic, accidents, weather etc.

Do they call you to keep you informed of the ETA? 

Do they try and reroute a driver to a better route?

Again, if the answer is YES then you can be sure you have found a courier company that can handle your rush deliveries.