Reopening? Here’s How A Truck Courier Can Help

Posted on June 8, 2020

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Here at Fleet Couriers, we’re proud to provide the best truck courier services in the area. More than ever before, as retailers and restaurants begin to phase into reopening their doors, having reliable courier services in Massachusetts is imperative. As the country continues to experience delays in shipping, couriers will deliver when promised. In this article, we’re taking a look at a few reasons why you should rely on a professional courier service like ours at Fleet Couriers.



Guaranteed delivery with real-time tracking

As many retailers know, prompt deliveries are critical to survival. For instance, consider running a restaurant when the food inventory for the weekend is running a day or two behind. Undoubtedly an unacceptable situation could throw your restaurant into peril. Or, perhaps, you’re the owner of a boutique clothing shop downtown who missed the holiday weekend kickoff attire because you’re inventory came on Tuesday instead of the prior Friday.

A truck courier will be there to accept your packages as they arrive at the airport and deliver them directly to your door, on time. Unlike other shipping companies, your inventory is prioritized, which allows for higher efficiency as well as real-time package tracking for the customer. Knowing exactly where your shipment is at any given time enables you to prepare for its arrival – not to mention the peace of mind you’ll have knowing the “delayed” email will never arrive.



Peace of mind

Sure, we just mentioned this topic, but it’s one worth delving into a bit more. There’s something to be said for having peace of mind when it comes to your business. If you’re like many, the past few months have taken a significant hit on the annual revenue predicted earlier in the year. So, having peace of mind that you’ll be able to open your doors and deliver a service to customers on time is imperative.

Truck courier services in Massachusetts from Fleet Couriers provide a variety of benefits enabling peace of mind every step of the way. Below are just a few of those:

  • Personalized service with access to a live person should you have questions or want to check-in.
  • Qualified, trained drivers that care about your packages. No more throwing, kicking or leaving your delivery at the wrong door.
  • To the minute live tracking capabilities through the latest industry technologies



For more information on the highest level of truck courier services in Massachusetts, contact our team at Fleet Couriers today. From superior customer service to on-time, undamaged deliveries, you can have peace of mind that your reopening won’t be delayed by missing packages.


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