Reasons We Love Courier Technology

Posted on August 15, 2017

If there’s one way customers remember our same-day delivery services to their Massachusetts home or Massachusetts medical courierbusiness, it’s that we are one of the most dedicated fleet services in all of New England. How are we able to be as committed to our customers as we are? With the help of state-of-the-art courier technology. We love courier technology because of what it can do to enhance our services and increase customer satisfaction.

We provide online ordering

Speaking on the phone can be such a hassle at times, and we understand the convenience online ordering can offer our customers. For this, our website offers a simple and easy online portal for you to create an account and quickly use our services time and time again.

We offer detailed package tracking

Our team acknowledges how important it is to know where your order is, and technology allows us to provide that information. We will email its status through every step of the process including order submission when the order has been picked up and by which driver, and when the order was delivered and who signed for it. We can even provide order history of your past transactions.

We have live traffic mapping

Our systems provide real time accident and traffic reports so our drivers can determine the best route for their delivery. This technology has only aided our goal of getting deliveries to customers as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our drivers have never been as equipped and prepared as they are now.

Technology was created to make people’s lives easier, but it has also been utilized to make the truck courier industry even stronger! We have been helping our customers complete their most important package deliveries since 1996 and will continue to grow with these technology changes as they can benefit our objectives.

With more questions about our technology or courier services, please contact our team today by calling (800) 734-9309.