Fleet Couriers Offers Real-Time Tracking 

Posted on August 7, 2021

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In the age of ever-changing digitalization and on-demand service, couriers also have had to up their game over the years. When it comes to same-day delivery in Massachusetts, Fleet Couriers is the number one choice for fast, reliable services. To offer the best service to our customers, the team at Fleet Couriers offers complete delivery tracking services.


Why tracking services matter


When customers hire us for same-day deliveries in Massachusetts, we want to provide the best experience here at Fleet Couriers. So, this way, they’ll always know exactly where their package is without concern. With the rise of online deliveries and purchases, on-demand tracking services are becoming the norm. Keeping up with modern technology is just one way that makes Fleet Couriers the best option for same-day delivery in Massachusetts.


With Fleet Couriers, we always want you to know where your delivery is. We promise updates for:


  • Submitting an order
  • When an order has been picked up
  • When an order has been delivered and who signed for it


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Live-traffic mapping


Did you know that we use a system for live traffic mapping? It’s one of the ways we make same-day deliveries possible! Our mapping system can show us traffic and accidents in real-time, so we can always find the best route for delivery. Thus, our couriers can always take advantage of the fastest routes to their delivery destinations.


Same-Day Delivery in Massachusetts


While we offer same-day delivery in the Massachusetts area, Fleet Couriers also extends delivery throughout the Northeast region. We extend our services to both residential and commercial businesses. Whether you’re with a bank or medical facility, we can help!


We understand that time-sensitive deliveries may need special requirements. Therefore, we have many vehicle options to always complete your same-day delivery on time. Plus, even if you don’t need same-day delivery, we can also handle your next-day or route work. Give us a call! We will save you time and money.


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Fleet Couriers 


The next time you have a package to send to someone locally, rely on same-day delivery in Massachusetts instead of traditional mailing methods. Contact the team at Fleet Couriers by calling us at (800) 734-9309.