Packing Tips from Your Favorite Massachusetts Couriers

Posted on March 7, 2020

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As the most trusted Massachusetts couriers, our team at Fleet Couriers handles several deliveries day in and day out. From medical to same-day deliveries, bulk to storage, there is one element that unites all of the pieces. That element is packing. When it comes to shipping any item, how you pack it is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your product. In this article, we’re providing you with a few best practices when it concerns proper packing.


Invest in quality packaging materials

Whether you’re shipping bulky items to a customer or documents to a client, the materials you pack with are the one line of defense. To ensure your items arrive in the same condition they leave you; you’ll want to invest in quality packing materials. For example, heavy-weight boxes and durable envelopes that are resistant to tears and weather can help to ensure the integrity of your delivery.

Although the upfront cost may not seem worth it, we promise it is. By avoiding customer requests for new shipments due to damaged items, you’ll be happy you invested in quality shipping products.


Don’t overpack

Now that you’ve spent the money to invest in packaging materials, you may be tempted to get the most out of your money. However, we highly recommend avoiding overpacking your boxes. Not only does this make packages harder to handle, but it also increases the chances of damage occurring. Overstuffed packages compromise the integrity of the contents by increasing the chances of items crushing one another during the shipping and delivery process.


Put heavier items on the bottom

Whether you’re utilizing Massachusetts couriers or relocating your home, a good rule of thumb when packing is to place the heavier items at the bottom. By doing so, you’ll create a balance within the box, which enables safer transportation and handling.


Avoid empty spaces in your boxes

With the ample materials available for packing, there’s no reason to leave empty space in your package. Empty space means that there’s room for your merchandise to move and jostle while shipping. Thus, the end recipient may end up with damaged or broken merchandise.


Don’t skimp on the taping

Now that you’ve taken the proper measures to secure your package, how you seal the box is just as crucial! For example, have you ever received an item that was sealed with a thin strip of tape? The tape is loose and the box is open, making you question if you’re receiving the entire contents expected.

By taking the extra time to fully secure your box with proper taping techniques, you’ll provide peace of mind not only for yourself, but for your customer as well.


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