Medical Logistics Boston: How Courier Services Can Help

Posted on May 21, 2022

medical logistics boston

Delivering medical supplies is a complicated affair. Equipment, samples, and documentation need to be in the right place at the right time. Organizing and delivering everything that medical workers need to do their jobs requires precise management. Medical logistics is also unique in that it optimizes effectiveness over efficiency. A courier service like Fleet Couriers can help facilitate medical logistics in Boston and reduce some of that management stress.

Here’s how a third-party courier can help coordinate medical logistics in Boston.


Routes and Scheduled Deliveries

Most medical facilities are more than just one building. Many have affiliated offices and labs that are not on the facility’s main campus. Having a regularly scheduled route to collect and deliver items from multiple locations is essential to the effective operation of a hospital or medical clinic. When you need lab samples or biomedical material transported and tested in a time-sensitive manner, you need to know that your pickups and deliveries will be on time. Engaging a courier service to cover a pickup and delivery route gives everyone who works at your facility peace of mind.


STAT Delivery

As important as regular delivery routes are, getting STAT deliveries where they need to go is essential. We train our couriers per customer requirements to fulfill all emergency deliveries. Beyond that, our drivers also undergo rigorous training to be HIPAA, OSHA, and DOT compliant.


Chain of Custody

Every item that couriers deliver to and from a medical facility is sensitive and important. From biomedical material to documents, important items and sensitive data are being transported around your facility all the time. So knowing where every item and document is at all times is a pivotal part of medical logistics. To secure and streamline medical logistics in Boston, Fleet Couriers uses barcode scanning to record and track every delivery and ensure the chain of custody.


Documents, Mail, and Equipment

Medical facilities are also businesses and, like any other business, they need their documents, mail, and equipment delivered, too. When you trust Fleet Couriers with your medical logistics in Boston, we will reliably deliver your documents, mail, and equipment across your campus and offsite. We also handle financial deliveries including deposits, paychecks, and bank paperwork.


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