Massachusetts: The Capital of Medical Couriers

Posted on December 9, 2020

medical couriers

As a medical professional, you often need to transport specimens, blood, documents, and other medical materials to various locations. Your patients and their treatment may depend on medical couriers that are not only well-trained but that can also complete the delivery efficiently and securely. Although often unrecognized, certified medical couriers are some of the most important contributors to the healthcare industry.

With stringent HIPAA privacy requirements and extensive OSHA safety requirements, it’s essential that you work with a company that provides medical courier services that are second to none. With two of the top-ranking hospitals in the United States, you can be confident that Massachusetts has every medical requirement down with the utmost level of accuracy.


Massachusetts ranks multiple times

According to U.S. News, two of the country’s best hospitals are located right here in Massachusetts. Ranking 6th is Massachusetts General Hospital and in 12th, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The data used in the 2020-21 Best Hospitals rankings came from a time predating the COVID-19 pandemic and were not affected by the pandemic’s impact.


With such honor, one is safe to assume to the needs and requirements around the city of Boston’s medical team are quite high.


Certified medical couriers must meet all regulations

As mentioned, both OSHA and HIPAA keep a tight rope on all areas concerning the medical world. At Fleet Couriers, we’re proud to offer highly trained couriers for the purpose of transporting all medical materials. Our couriers receive HIPAA training, so you can be confident that your patients’ protected health information remains private and secure, both electronically as well as through physical delivery. Our medical couriers can demonstrate complete understanding of our exposure control plan, emergency procedures, and practice controls for transporting infectious materials.


Bloodborne pathogen training is another integral part of preparing our couriers for medical transport. Our safety equipment includes a complete spill kit, emergency phone card, DOT authorized transport containers, and ID badges.
At Fleet Couriers, we understand the need to quickly and efficiently transport your patients’ specimens, blood and other medical materials. It is crucial that all medical materials are packaged and shipped correctly to ensure accurate testing and optimum treatment for your patients. All specimens that are transported are kept at the correct temperature and secured to guard against breakage or leakage. And we provide you with the shortest possible transport time, which allows you to receive your testing results as quickly as possible.


For all of your medical courier needs in Massachusetts, place your trust in professionals trained to be HIPAA and OSHA compliant. At Fleet Couriers, we understand your need to protect the health and safety of your patients.

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