Medical Couriers: Selecting The Best Company

Posted on January 21, 2021

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If at all familiar with the medical world, you probably already understand the critical importance of medical couriers. So, when choosing a medical courier service to work with your company, knowing which details to look for is imperative. Here, we’re presenting you with five things to consider when deciding which medical courier company is best for your needs.

Medical couriers require training.

One of the first questions to ask the company is whether their employees are trained to deal with hazardous materials. All medical couriers should have OSHA and HIPAA training and the knowledge to handle emergency situations and events. Medical shipments must be treated differently than other packages. So, it is vital that the courier know every detail of properly handling any given assignment.

Does the company have limitations?

Another important piece of the puzzle is knowing what things the medical courier service can deliver. A typical medical courier handles biological specimens, blood samples, medications, and medical records without issue. Having access to the proper equipment and training will ensure your medical deliveries are treated with the utmost care.

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What type of equipment is available?

Ensure that the courier has the proper transport equipment to handle various medical deliveries. For instance, having cold storage for biological materials or adequate security for things like medications or sensitive documents is of the essence. Be sure to ask the company about their equipment, so you can be confident your deliveries are cared for during transit.

How do others view the company?

Even if a company makes the mark on the above items, having insight into their employees is also important. As with most industries, the employees are the front line. However, medical couriers are often held to higher standards. In a busy, time-sensitive industry where the unexpected often occurs, a professional knows how to keep themselves intact without causing added stress. Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials or references from other customers.

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What is the company’s availability?

Medical supplies or biological specimens may need emergency delivery. In these cases, you’ll want to be sure your medical couriers are available. When looking for a medical courier service, you need them to be available 24/7, as well as during inclement weather. This is especially important in New England, where snowstorms can block streets to most traffic.

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