Massachusetts – The Capital of Medical Couriers

Posted on April 6, 2015

As a medical professional, you often need to transport specimens, blood, or other medical materials to a variety of locations for testing purposes. The proper treatment of your patients is dependent on a medical courier service that is not only well-trained, but that can also complete the delivery efficiently and securely. Certified medical couriers are some of the most important contributors to the healthcare industry. Because of HIPAA privacy requirements and OSHA safety requirements, it’s essential that you work with a company that provides medical courier services that are second to none.

Massachusetts couriers

Fleet Couriers offers you highly trained medical couriers for the purpose of transporting all of your medical materials. Our couriers receive the most up to date HIPAA training annually through the Red Cross. So you can be sure that your patients’ Protected Health Information remains private and secure, both electronically as well as through physical delivery. Our medical couriers receive a certificate of completion once they have completed their training and can demonstrate complete understanding of our exposure control plan, emergency procedures and practice controls for transporting infectious materials.

Blood borne pathogen training is an integral part of preparing our couriers for medical transport. Our safety equipment includes a complete spill kit, emergency phone card, DOT authorized transport containers and ID badges.
At Fleet Couriers, we understand the need to transport your patients’ specimens, blood and other medical materials quickly and efficiently. It is crucial that all medical materials are packaged and shipped properly to ensure accurate testing and optimum treatment for your patients. All specimens that we transport are kept at the correct temperature and secured to guard against breakage or leakage. And we provide you with the shortest possible transport time, which allows you to receive your testing results as quickly as possible.

For all of your medical courier needs, place your trust in professionals who are trained to be completely HIPAA and OSHA compliant, and who understand your need to protect the health and safety of your patients. Place your trust in Fleet Couriers.