Marathon Inspiration for Couriers

Posted on June 4, 2015

Courier services from FleetIn 490 BC, Persians had sailed from Asia to crush Athens and Eretria for meddling in an attempted revolt in one of the Persian outlying city-states. The Persians of the day were world super-powers. Greece was barely more than a weak collection of allied city-states and hardly a threat to the Persians. Darius I landed his troops and cavalry outside the tiny town of Marathon. To negate the superior forces and the cavalry, the Greeks picked a swamp for the battlefield and managed to envelop the numerically superior Persians. This victory expelled the Persians from Greece and was a watershed moment in the rise of the Greek civilization. There is a story attached to this battle. The story goes that a messenger, after witnessing, the victory ran from Marathon to Athens and before dying of exhaustion said, “We were victorious”.

We do not risk the lives of our couriers, but we are just as dedicated. The war for profit, efficiency, and customer service wages just as fiercely now as any point in history. In some cases, people’s lives can and do depend on the timely delivery of emergency medical deliveries our couriers routinely handle. We carry your precious perishable specimens, lab work, blood, and blood products, in a way that protects our clients’ safety, privacy, and financial wellbeing.

Our technology makes delivering critical messages and packages timely and efficient. Further, you can track your packages for your peace of mind. Our online tracking and ordering allows you to merely log into your account and place an order at any time. You receive instant notification when your order is submitted, picked up, and delivered so that you can be completely aware of your products moving through the delivery cycle.

Courier technology and service has come a long way since the classic battles of antiquity, but the messages we send to each other can be just as important. Certainly, they are to our customers. We take this trust seriously and we have dedicated our business to ensuring that our customers get fast and reliable service.

So see how we can address your package and delivery needs feel free to contact us at (800) 734-9309