LTL Truck Couriers: Your Cargo Is Worth It.

Posted on March 21, 2021

When it comes to shipping your freight and cargo, same day or expedited, you have various options available. For large companies, a truck courier may be the necessary solution for shipping thousands of pounds of material. But what about the smaller companies that aren’t able to fill an entire truckload? Often, these smaller companies end up paying for unused space. It’s a waste!

Instead finding a company like Fleet Couriers that offers LTL courier services is what you need.

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What is LTL truck courier service?

LTL (less than truckload) refers to a shipment that does not fill the entire trailer. This type of cargo generally weighs no more than 12,000 pounds. Although it does not fill the trailer, the courier company compensates by offering the unused space to other customers. By doing so, customers can have the trucking service required at a portion of the cost (as it becomes shared with other customers in the same truckload).

It’s important to note that LTL trucking is not guaranteed same day delivery. Because of the various destinations with multiple shipments, deliveries typically take a bit longer. But don’t worry, we’ll still get your shipment there on time as promised!

The benefits.

As mentioned, LTL allows customers to transport what is needed at a fraction of the cost. For most companies, saving a few dollars is a huge benefit! And, while you’re saving, you still receive the courteous and prompt service you’ve come to expect with Fleet Couriers.

While our team works hard to fill the truck, your operations remain uninterrupted. LTL truck couriers will pick up at any time, so you don’t worry about the space-consuming storage of skids and pallets. Your items will ship on the desired time period, regardless of whether the cargo space is filled.

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Shipping is an intricate aspect of many businesses. So, when frequent quantities of materials are shipped on a regularly, delays can add up quickly. Thus, finding the right truck courier to work with your budget and needs is a must. At Fleet couriers, we are here for our customers and their needs.

For more information on the various truck courier services offered by our team, please contact Fleet Couriers by calling 800.734.9309.