Lost in the Mail: Fact or Fiction

Posted on October 13, 2018

One of the greatest excuses in humankind for forgetfulness is “It must have gotten lost in the mail.” You can use it for anything. Forgot to send a Thank You Card? It was lost in the mail. Didn’t order your significant other’s birthday present in time? It must have been lost in the mail. Late on a payment? Blame the post office. It’s convenient, but it’s probably wrong. It’s hard to say how often things actually get lost in the mail, but modern technology is making the shipping industry more efficient than ever. Your local courier in MA is likely to have a track your package feature to ensure your package gets where it’s meant to go. Here are a few examples of fact and fiction when it comes to packages getting lost in the mail.

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Address Issues

You’d be surprised how few people know the proper way to label a package for shipping. One of the most significant causes of packages getting lost is incorrect shipping information. The appropriate format for addressing a package or letter is:

   Name of Recipient

   Street Address, City/Town of Recipient

   State, Zip Code of Recipient

Luckily, your local courier in MA will double check the information to make sure it is correct. When using the USPS, you have to rely on your own memory to get the address right on the first try.

Priority and Express Mail

Priority and Express Mail are just categories stating that these letters and packages need a little more TLC than your average mail. However, when using the USPS, priority mail can still get lumped in with the rest. The best way to ensure your letter won’t get lost is to use a courier in MA with important correspondence or deliveries.

Stolen Packages

People stealing packages once they’ve been delivered is the best reason to take advantage of the track your package feature. In instances of parcels going missing, the track your package feature allows to see when it was delivered. This enables the shipping services, the sender, and the recipient to know when the package was misplaced. There’s a good chance you didn’t receive your package do to somebody taking it from your doorstep after it had been delivered.


While it is true that packages get lost in the mail, you’re more than likely to hear it as an excuse. The safest way to ship packages and ensure their delivery is to use a courier in MA. Take advantage of your courier service’s track your package feature. Not as many packages get lost in the mail as you’d think, but it never hurts to be safe. For a reliable courier near you, contact Fleet Couriers at 800-734-9309 or visit them online.