What To Look for With Same Day Delivery in Boston

Posted on June 7, 2019

same day delivery BostonCourier services provide many benefits to the consumer.  From medical to non-medical, rush to same day delivery in Boston and surrounding towns, Fleet Couriers has you covered.  We provide our customers with the latest tracking technologies, superior customer service, and much more.  Fleet Couriers provides the services one should look for when considering the use of courier services.


Upfront Pricing

An added benefit of same-day delivery services is that there are no surprises when it comes to cost.  Many companies have set pricing for rush, same-day, and even routine delivery services.  If your delivery does require additional costs, these will all be disclosed up front.  Thus, whether your delivery takes one hour or ten, you will know the price, and there will be no surprises to your budget.


Real-Time Tracking

Often we find ourselves clicking the “track” button repeatedly when we’re monitoring a package’s status.  Relying on a code and waiting for updates can be extremely overwhelming in a situation of high importance.  With real-time tracking, you can have peace of mind when knowing exactly where your package is. 



Beyond real-time tracking, having trust in your courier company is equally important.  Accuracy is key to many aspects of courier services.  From accurate pricing to accurate delivery times, holding true to expectations will ensure your customers return time and again.  As a consumer, checking reviews is an excellent method of ensuring the integrity of the company you are considering hiring.


Guaranteed Delivery

Although many companies promise the same, or next day delivery, not many guarantee the service.  Because the city throws surprises, having a guarantee from the company you’re entrusting your business to is imperative.  Whether it’s unexpected traffic, an accident, or detour, a great courier will know the ins and outs of the roads and have an alternative route planned just in case.


Dependable Fleet

A company that offers a large fleet will more than likely be reliable.  Even if one vehicle were to go down for the day, the option of sending a backup in its place would ensure your delivery arrives on time.


Routine Delivery Routes

If same day delivery in Boston and surrounding areas is something that your company utilizes frequently, you can save money with routine services.  Many courier services will work with you to establish a routine schedule for deliveries.  Thus, you will save time by eliminating daily, weekly, or even monthly scheduling since your trusted courier will be there for you as planned.


If you need same day delivery in Boston or the surrounding area, contact Fleet Couriers.  Providing professional delivery and services since 1996, we are Boston’s most trusted courier.  Visit us online for a full list of services we provide or call us at (800) 734-9309.