What Would It Take To Keep Up With Santa?

Posted on December 21, 2019

Although our team has mastered same-day delivery in Massachusetts, our services can’t compete with those of the big guy. Tis’ the season for Santa to go to work, and show up all of the global same-day delivery companies. As the king of same day delivery, we thought we’d honor his efforts by taking a moment to look more in-depth at the truth behind competing with Santa.


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Time for the truth

While we love to claim Santa handles same-day delivery better than no other, he actually has a buffer. If you consider the differences in global time zones, Santa ends up with 28 hours and 23 minutes to deliver his present to girls and boys across the world. Now don’t get us wrong; with the amount of presents in his sleigh, he’s still producing some pretty impressive numbers.


Good luck keeping up with the sleigh

One thing that no company can compete with is Santa’s method of transportation. With approximately 2.1 billion children in the world, averaging 2 children per household, that means Santa is making around 842 million stops on Christmas Eve. Now, given the timeframe he has to complete these stops, that puts the sleigh traveling at 1,800 miles per second. Not even NASA can compete with that number!


Some serious horsepower needed

Or should we say reindeer power? Although courier companies can provide a fleet of cars and trucks suited to your shipment needs, these vehicles would never cut it for present delivery. If you consider the amount of children across the world, averaging two pounds in gifts per child, that gives you 4.2 billion pounds of presents to carry, organize, and deliver in a mere 28 hours. I think we’ll leave the job to Santa.


International travel requirements

Another consideration at hand is the amount of clearances one would need in order to complete the job. Flying across every country in the world, imagine the stack of passports you’d need.  Never mind the flight certifications to satisfy international travel requirements!

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While it’s safe to say that Santa has his hands full, the team at Fleet Couriers is here to help with same-day delivery in Massachusetts! If you’re in need of an extra hand this Christmas, give us a call at (800) 734-9309.