Importance of Professional Medical Couriers

Posted on August 21, 2021

medical couriers


Transporting biologically sensitive materials or medicine is an essential service for many people. They rely on the timely and dedicated delivery of medication or documents that the professionals from Fleet Couriers provide. When it comes to medical couriers in Boston, we excel in the technology and training available for our employees; thus, all time-sensitive deliveries will always be on time and intact.


We uphold standards.


We’ve worked with some of Boston’s top biomedical facilities due to our rigorous commitment to standards and best practices for transporting sensitive items. We can handle everything you need— from emergency blood deliveries to medical equipment transportation.


medical couriers


What goes into our medical courier training?


First and foremost, all of our medical couriers are trained in the data and privacy requirements for HIPPA, PHI. Furthermore, all of our couriers are prepared for handling bloodborne pathogens, transporting infectious diseases, and more. So, this lays the foundation for our couriers to understand and implement essential procedures to assure deliveries are made safely.


Plus, in case of an emergency, they can quickly and safely react to the situation. All of our vehicles are equipped with safety equipment. For example, we carry extensive spill kits, scrapers, DOT authorized transport containers, and security identification cards.


We’re dedicated to our customers.


Our crew at Fleet Couriers deals with sensitive patient information every day. Of course, we’re ardent about guaranteeing that our client’s privacy is safe and secure. Compliance with HIPAA regulations is always at the forefront of our business. Thus, our professional couriers maintain compliance with strict OSHA regulations and guidelines set by the United States Department of Transportation.


In short, when you choose Fleet Couriers, you’re choosing a medical courier service that does everything in its power to ensure your package isn’t only delivered on time but is protected to its fullest extent— every time!


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We’re dedicated to medical professionals.


As for our medical and biomedical clients, we’re continually developing trusting relationships based on our dedication to rigorously enforcing professional guidelines. When you choose Fleet Couriers for your medical deliveries, you can relax knowing that our professional couriers will deliver your packages as if they were their own.


Medical Couriers


We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for rush services or scheduled daily routes. Call (800) 734-9309 or visit us online to request your free quote for our medical couriers.