How Technology Has Changed Courier Services in Boston

Posted on September 4, 2015

Courier services in Boston from FleetIt wasn’t so long ago that our mail, our orders, and our large shipments were more or less out in the ether once they left your home or business. Sure, you had a receipt for your shipping, as well as a copy of the manifest, but once that package was aboard a truck, or tucked into the rucksack of a bike courier, you had to wait hours or days before knowing that your delivery was successfully made. Of course, cell phones dramatically changed the way shipment tracking was handled, but there was still a tremendous amount of separation between a driver for the post office or a delivery company or Boston courier service.

With the advent of GPS, the accuracy in tracking shipments and routes for courier services in Boston has grown exponentially. Certain GPS receiver can track locations with an accuracy of up to two centimeters. Moreover, the route of a driver can be tracked, as well any detours or sudden interruptions in the flow of traffic that might affect the timing of the delivery. And this all occurs in real time thanks to the advance in mobile data telephony that underpins most American cellular networks.

Because of this tremendous foundation of technology supporting our courier services in Boston, there has never been a better time to utilize Fleet Couriers services. When you work with Fleet, you’re not only getting a dedicated staff committed to fulfilling your deliveries on time and in one piece, but you’re getting the technological prowess that will help ensure accuracy of your delivery in an expedient timeframe. Fleet Couriers maintains a high bar for excellence when it comes to satisfied customers, and we want to help you achieve your business’s goals on a tight deadline.

No matter what your needs are, Fleet Couriers has the experience and the expertise to ensure your delivery arrives on time. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can provide solutions tailored to your needs.

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