How Do Courier Services Compare?

Posted on April 21, 2021

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When it comes to mail, it is hard to beat the US Postal Service. The USPS delivers 429.9 million pieces of mail in a single day, 20.5 million packages per year. For 55 cents, you can have a letter sent anywhere in the country. Generally, that same piece of mail will arrive at its destination in a mere two or three days. So, how does this information stack up against courier services? At the top courier company in Massachusetts, our team from Fleet Couriers is taking a closer look.


The early beginnings.

The US Postal Service dates back, literally, to the founding of our country. The Second Continental Congress created the first official Post Office position in 1775. At that time, they appointed Ben Franklin, as many a schoolchild may know, to be our first Post Master General. Additionally, it is one of the only government agencies explicitly mandated by the Constitution. With the tremendous amount of service provided by the Post Office, why choose an independent courier service?

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How do courier services differ from USPS?

The answer is in the question. A courier does not process millions of pieces of mail every day. They process one (okay, maybe a few more than one). But when it comes down to it, your courier is focusing on the job at hand – your job. Superficially it might seem like this would be expensive and inefficient. However, quite the opposite is true. 

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With USPS, mail is handled by a massive number of people. For the organization to develop the kinds of efficiencies required, your package must be routed through service and processing centers. The routing of the package costs time, labor, fuel, and complicated infrastructure costs. So as you can see, your package will never take a direct route with USPS – costing much more than a mere 55 cent.

However, an efficiently operated courier company is faster, less complex, and much cheaper in the long run. After a quick call to Fleet Couriers, we’ll schedule a pickup and deliver your package where it needs to go. The same day.



Utilizing a local courier service is ideal for same-day deliveries with added value. Whether it’s legal or medical courier services, packages for your business, LTL freight shipping, Fleet Couriers is insured, experienced, and ready to help. Courier services stand apart from USPS with speed, security, up-to-date tracking, individualized customer care, and committed delivery times.

For more information on how Fleet Couriers can make your deliveries a speedy and stress-free process, contact our team today by calling (800) 734-9309.