Hollywood Enamored

Posted on April 30, 2016

Handsome tough Caucasian man in black tuxedo poses in action stunt scene in destroyed warehouse

It is safe to say there are certain positions that capture the attention of the masses. A major occupation that has popped up multiple times in Hollywood movies are couriers. Courier Services are interesting little things. Consisting of divers and bikers, we never know what the day will bring as we try to deliver the packages. Maybe this is why multiple movies have been made about this long standing profession.

The Courier

Think of The Transporter with a briefcase for this one. Released in 2012 The Courier stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Mickey Rourke in an action packed film about “The Courier” getting wrapped up with lower level hitmen and a one of the most notorious hitmen of all time. “The Courier” asks no questions and takes almost every job to pay the bills. If you didn’t hear of it, that’s because it was in theatres for a limited engagement and then went straight to DVD.

The Transporter

Ah, the movie that launched countless sequels. The Transporter came out in 2002 and is still an extremely popular movie to this day. Following the character Frank, played by Jason Statham, we watch him transport packages for unknown clients, then one starts moving. Drama, action and thriller all wrapped into one The Transporter brings the action of being a courier to the big screen highlighting the possible dangers for individuals.

Premium rush

Robin as a bike messenger, okay! We have talked about Premium Rush before. A bike courier in Manhattan delivers a package that gains the interest of a dirty cop that follows him around the city attempting to stop him. Wilee, our bike courier weaves in and out of the city in order to do his job. Granted we don’t want to have a bike with no breaks at any time but it enhances the feel of the movie.


Have you ever wanted to see Kevin Bacon as a bike courier? Well you can. In 1986 Quicksilver was released. Following Jack Casey, who used to be a hot shot stock market guy, we follow his journey as a part of a speed delivery firm in San Francisco. A little less action than some of the others, it may be a little more realistic.

The Package

A Steve Austin movie, The Package has a lot of action. As a bouncer to a club hired to deliver a package for a drug lord, he finds himself to be chased by gangsters. Sounds about right. The courier has a sensitive package that people are trying to stop him from getting to his final destination. Lots of action and violence for the courier in this one.

Line of Sight

Released in 2012, Line of Sight is actually a documentary. This film follows bike messengers as they race through the city to deliver the package the fastest. With first person perspective you can watch what it is really like to be a bike courier in some of the busiest cities in the world.

So, the conclusion is that couriers capture the attention of the imagination. While most couriers don’t have to worry about life threatening situations, it is the romanticized aspect of the job that captures audience. As a courier service we can promise that you won’t need to worry about out safety as we deliver your package amongst the crowded streets of Boston.

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