How Do the Holidays Impact Your Deliveries?

Posted on December 8, 2016

It’s no shock that the holiday season puts a strain on companies and their inventories. Given the popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, e-commerce has only grown in recent years. Increased buying puts additional stress on the delivery companies who are responsible for these various residential packages. In 2015, ShipMatrix Inc. expected an 8% increase in shipping services for the holiday season for both UPS and Fed Ex, which is only projected to rise for the 2016 season.Same day courier service

With the holidays looming closer and closer, there are many people out there who are paying the extra cash to have their packages delivered before December 25. That said, many times these various shipping methods do not have a 100% delivery rate for the scheduled dates, and hundreds of millions of packages will be sitting on people’s doorsteps throughout the month. What can that mean for your business?

To begin, it could potentially delay your deliveries. When you use residential delivery services during high-volume times in the year, you might find that the package sent takes longer than you anticipated, which can have quite a negative impact on your relationships with customers, clients, and other companies.

Secondly, you risk the chance a delivery service might leave your package unattended. It’s pretty standard for our personal packages to stay on the front steps, but what if it’s an important document or item could be potentially damaged or stolen? You run the risk of your delivery service releasing personal information with their typical residential procedure.

Though these two impacts might seem insignificant, they are very impactful. For commercial businesses who rely on same day trucking in Massachusetts or emergency deliveries, a courier service is the only way to go. By avoiding the residential holiday rush, you can ensure your important business items get handled by carriers who are not overwhelmed with the holiday packages they are delivering all over the city.

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