HIPAA Certified Medical Couriers May Not Be HIPAA Compliant

Posted on January 7, 2020

In the medical industry, HIPAA plays a significant role in safety and privacy for the patient. However, being HIPAA certified doesn’t mean that the company you’re entrusting is HIPAA compliant. By becoming HIPAA certified, individuals are provided the information needed to enable their business, medical couriers, and employees to become HIPAA compliant. Understanding this key difference may be crucial to the insurance of your sensitive deliveries.


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What is HIPAA?

Chances are, you’ve heard of HIPAA by now. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 mandates standards not only for health care information but also the following:

  • Provides the ability to transfer and continue health care coverage during a time of employment change or loss
  • Reduces health care fraud and abuse
  • Mandates industry-wide standards on billing and other processes
  • Requires the protection and confidential handling of an individual’s health information


How does HIPAA apply to medical couriers?

Medical couriers are held to the same expectations as those working within a hospital or doctor’s office. When undergoing training, couriers are informed and tested in all areas, which include:

  • Patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Security rules
  • Summary of all principles covered under HIPAA
  • Violations and their strict outcomes

Becoming HIPAA certified means that you have been taught the terms of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and how to apply them to your role in the healthcare industry.


Bloodborne pathogens

Within the HIPAA certification course, OSHA provides training on bloodborne pathogens. As transporters of bodily fluids, like blood, medical couriers risk exposure to potentially dangerous viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms every day. Thus, training is a crucial step in gaining the knowledge of, and how to respond to spills, breaks, or other unforeseen events while in transport.


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Certified versus compliance

Now that you understand the process of what it takes to become HIPAA certified, it’s easier to understand how one may not be compliant. Even if a company is empowered with the knowledge needed, it doesn’t mean they will implement steps of precaution.



Because of the sensitive nature of healthcare deliveries, the trained medical couriers at Fleet Couriers carry OSHA and DOT compliant equipment to ensure delivery integrity. From blood banks to PCP laboratories, we have the knowledge, equipment, and highest levels of integrity to complete your job with the utmost care and responsibility. To learn more about our medical services, contact our team today at (800) 734-9309.