Some of the Highest Ranking Hospitals are Right Here in Boston

Posted on September 7, 2019

If you’re a New England native, you know that Bostonians are proud people.  We take pride in our heritage and our communities.  From excelling in sports to dominating the medical field, we continuously strive to provide the best services possible.  That is why Boston is home to two of the consistently topped ranked hospitals in the country.  However, this achievement didn’t come easy.  Backed by a team of medical professionals from surgeons to students, receptionists to medical couriers, Massachusetts knows that it takes teamwork to triumph.


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Massachusetts General Hospital

Lucky for us, the number one hospital in Massachusetts is right here in Boston.  Massachusetts General Hospital was founded in 1811 and has been making history since.  Associated with Harvard Medical School, this teaching hospital is the third oldest in the United States and the oldest and largest in New England.  With over 900 patient beds, MGH admits more than 46,000 inpatients and handles roughly 1.5 million outpatients over its four campus’ each year.  The ER alone is host to 80,000 visitors annually.  As the only Level 1 verification for adult and pediatric trauma and burn care, MGH never has a dull moment.



Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Ranked as the second-best hospital in the state of Massachusetts, only behind Mass General, we take our hats off to Brigham and Women’s.  This hospital, believe it or not, is another teaching facility associated with Harvard Medical School.  An international leader in medicine, BWH has made medical advances helping to improve lives worldwide.  In fact, some of the most complex cases are sent to BWH.  With one of the most powerful biomedical research institutes, BWH receives over $640 million each year from investors.  With this impressive numbers and a staff consisting of over 1,200 physicians and 1,100 trainees, BWH consistently ranks a top hospital with US News and World Report.  Specialty areas include; cancer, cardiology, heart surgery, gynecology, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, and rheumatology. 


With a better understanding of the volume of patients doctors and physicians deal with daily, you can better understand the importance of medical couriers in Massachusetts. Providing transport to medical supplies, specimens, and paperwork to hospitals, medical offices, labs, and even sometimes patient homes, a medical courier is an integral part of everyday functioning. 

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Here at Fleet Couriers, we understand the importance and integrity that a Massachusetts medical courier must have.  That is why all of our couriers undergo rigorous training and certifications.  If you need of courier services, contact our team at (800) 734-9309.  We provide a reliable, trustworthy delivery service your medical facility deserves.