Famous Couriers of the Revolutionary War

Posted on August 21, 2019

Here at Fleet Couriers, we understand the importance of delivery.  From our expert team of medical couriers to our large fleet of trucks, we’re here to make your requests happen!  Beyond service, we like to have fun! Here’s a little flashback to the Revolutionary War and the awesome couriers it provided! 

In April of 1775, the Revolutionary War was imminent. Boston was in open revolt against the Imperial British throne over a series of grievances such as the Boston Massacre and the “Intolerable Acts” that were designed to punish Bostonians for their rebellion against increased taxes. At this point, King George III had outlawed the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, and Governor Gage had already moved against the organization in Salem. As a result, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress moved into Concord to continue organizing resistance against English rule.

However, the English were well aware of the happenings and the ample supply of ammunition and weapons stored in Concord. On April 18, Joseph Warren, told two of the most important couriers in our nation’s history, Paul Revere and William Dawes, that the King’s troops were about to cross the Charles River from Boston and march toward Concord.

From there, Revere utilized a prearranged signal with the sexton of North Church.  Via lantern, a signal was sent to alert the colonists in Charleston about the British movement. Once Revere initiated the signal, he then slipped past the British patrol boats anchored on the Charles River and began to warn residents that the British were coming.

Revere activated a chain of riders that rode throughout the countryside warning various towns and settlements of the eminent attack. Additionally, at least 40 other couriers carried the warning that night. After warning Samuel Adams in Lexington, Revere proceeded toward Concord where he was captured by the British patrol. However, when the Concord bell began to ring, the captives said, “The town is alarmed, you’re all dead men!” In fear, the patrol released Revere.

The British troops searched Concord but found nothing thanks to the warnings of Revere and others. Perhaps, because of the signals from the brave couriers, the militias were able to converge on Lexington and Concord.  In a series of engagements, they were able to drive the British troops back to Charleston. These events ultimately began the Revolutionary War.

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