Courier Services: A Day In the Life

Posted on January 7, 2021

Courier services

Each day when any one of our expedited couriers leaves the premise, they have no idea what the day might hold in store for them. Any one of a million things can go wrong, and quite often, they do. However, at Fleet Couriers, our utmost priority is providing our customers with the superior service they have come to expect from our courier services.

The assignment of the day

For example, let’s say that Brian is one of our top couriers. Brian shows up for work on time every day. Today, on a blustery cold New England day, he is met by our dispatchers, who are entrusting him with a medical specimen. This specific request has to be picked up from a doctor’s office and transported to a lab in another part of the state. Furthermore, the specimen is time-sensitive, and it must be kept at the correct temperature to ensure a seamless delivery. Brian leaves the building and ventures out to make his pick up and delivery.

Courier services are all too familiar with the unexpected

As he is leaving the building, Brian immediately encounters the all too well-known Boston traffic. He has to think fast because the clock is ticking. However, Brian knows the area well, and because he has experienced traffic along this route before, he came prepared. Brian quickly turns around and sets course on an alternate route that he has planned for such an occasion.

On route for his pickup, Brian’s driving experience once again comes into play as the outside temperatures drop further. As the melted snow turns to ice, remaining calm during a time-sensitive assignment becomes critical. Brian slows to ensure the safety of those around him, as well as himself, but not enough to set him behind schedule.

The arrival

On time, Brian arrives at the medical office to collect the specimen and greets the staff warmly. No one would ever guess that he had just avoided a traffic jam and almost fish-tailed through a stop light in icy driving conditions. Instead of becoming frazzled, Brian maintains his professional demeanor while venturing back out into the cold to complete his delivery.

The drive to the lab is once again full of challenges. But Brian isn’t concerned. His in-depth training has equipped him for every possible issue he may encounter along the way. And, in a few short hours, he’ll return back to the office to begin the process all over again.

Always with a smile.

For courier services you can trust, contact Fleet Couriers today. Our couriers have the experience required to handle whatever the day may toss their way! Contact us today at (800) 734-9309.