What all couriers need to know

Posted on November 2, 2016

Though it seems as though being a courier is simple enough. There is a lot that goes into becoming a company that your clients can trust. Without many of the rules and expectations that are required of quality courier companies you will not know who is working for you and who you are handing your valuable information off to. Courier Magazine recently posted an article on their website that actually broke down some of the standards that courier companies are held to, either by their clients or otherwise.

Meeting the expectations that you customers have
One of the more important things that come from running a reliable company is what your customers expect from you as a company. This usually means that all data is directly available to them no matter what. Especially in today’s day and age where many things are online, there is an instant gratification that is met. This means that if your company cannot keep up with allowing their data to be seen on a regular basis, they may not return. Another quality that customers want to be able to have now is electronic invoicing which many companies have already turned to. The positives to having electronic invoicing will allow for you to track all packages from start to finish in case your customer calls with concerns about the package, or call saying they did not receive the package. The final thing that many have wanted is to be able to have an actual person answer their questions. While electronic is useful, having a living being to answer their questions is another important factor.
Have the right DocumentationCourier services from Fleet
While some states may not require many licenses to get start with delivery work, it is always best to check and make sure your delivery company has the necessary credentials. These credentials will vouch for your companies status as a reliable courier. Larger clients will be more apt to work with you when you have the credentials to prove yourself as a company. For example, with medical deliveries all drivers should be trained in OSHA training to meet the healthcare standard. This will allow for the companies that you work with to know that you have the means to deliver their sensitive materials in the proper manner.
When it comes to Airports, know the TSA
Should a package need to be delivered to the airport, it is required for your company to meet all TSA requirements. This means that your couriers and dispatchers should pass the exam to get TSA certified. This will allow you to drive to the airport to deliver packages that need to get on to planes to bring them to their final destination. You will also need to stay up to date with their strict regulations as it is constantly changing.
As with many things that we need in life, the rules and regulations change constantly. This means that knowing what is changing for couriers in the field is key to keeping the company at the top of its game. At Fleet Couriers we work to meet all medical standards including HIPAA, OSHA and DOT as well as bringing you all the advanced technology that is needed to make things run smoothly for your delivery.
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