Couriers in Boston vs. FedEx and UPS. What’s the Best Option?

Posted on November 21, 2020

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As a retail business owner, you send packages every single day. Regardless of how fragile or sensitive the items are, you want to be sure they arrive in the same condition they depart your store. Not only is it crucial for your customers to receive their items in excellent condition, but it’s also a direct reflection of your business. So, when it comes to local couriers in Boston or big-named companies like FedEx and UPS, which is the best option?


Quantity versus quality

The problem with using big-name services is you can never be sure how packages are handled. Especailly once they leave your office or warehouse. Do the workers pay attention to the large “FRAGILE” stickers your employees carefully applied to each box? Or is it they are trying to work so fast that they don’t take the time to notice?

Often, the workload is so intense with these companies that drivers don’t have the luxury to provide above par service. However, with Boston couriers, workloads are delicately managed ensuring you receive quick yet caring service.


Turn around time

And then there are delivery times to consider. Because of the large number of packages shipping companies handle in a day, delivery times can be delayed. As a business owner striving to provide excellent customer service in every possible way, delays make using a shipping company even more frustrating.

For this reason alone, choosing a local courier service is the better option. Ensuring your customers receive their packages in perfect condition and on time encourages them to become repeat customers. Personalized care from beginning to end goes a long way in todays busy world.


If you live in Massachusetts, it sounds like you need a local Boston courier.


While it’s true that courier services in Boston may be a bit more expensive, the service you receive is priceless. By using an experienced, local courier service, you can rest assured that your packages will get where they are supposed to get, safe and sound. Couriers know delicate delivery, which ensures the complete satisfaction of your customers.

If you’re tired of damaged late deliveries, contact the only company you’ll ever need – Fleet Couriers. For more information on the courier services we provide, contact our team today at (800) 734-9309.