Courier, the Newspaper, the Person

Posted on May 10, 2016

Courier services from FleetCourier Services are making a huge splash across the delivery sphere. Have you ever noticed how often you actually see or hear the word courier on a day to day basis? Many times when an individual hears courier, they don’t fully know what that means. It is just another word. A courier is typically an individual that delivers mail, packages, messages, and other important items from one person or business to another.

The full definition from Merriam-Webster is:

“1: messenger: as

a: a member of a diplomatic service entrusted with bearing messages

b (1): an espionage agent transferring secret information (2): a runner of contraband

c: a member of the armed forces whose duties include carrying mail, information, or supplies

2: a traveler’s paid attendant; especially: a tourists’ guide employed by a travel agency”

This full definition is the epitome of what a courier is. While the simple definition is based more on what every day couriers do, an individual or business delivering all forms of information. However, though the definition of courier is for a person who delivers items for a person or business, many newspapers use the word in their titles.

You would be surprised how many newspapers use the word courier in their names. It seems that every region across North America, and across the world has at least one newspaper that has courier in the name. Here are just a few that use courier:

  • The Courier, UK
  • The Courier-Journal, USA
  • Charleston Post Courier, USA
  • The Courier, USA
  • Catholic Courier, USA
  • Prescott Daily Courier, USA
  • Ottumwa Courier, USA
  • The Daily Courier, Canada

That is just the tip of the iceberg of newspapers that have courier in the name. However, does the newspaper live up the name of being a courier, and in the same vein could they be counted as courier services?

Couriers like Fleet Couriers work to bring sometimes hazardous material to their locations. They provide transportation for files, packages and various information whether it needs special delivery or not. Available typically 24/7, couriers work hard to deliver their products as fast as possible. Daily routes are available depending on the courier you go to, Fleet Couriers offers that option for sure. So, with the specifications in what the couriers offer for their customers, all the way up to tracking their package is what has made the courier business boom.

Newspapers however, do not deliver time sensitive packages, or hazardous material to different businesses. The purpose behind a newspaper is to deliver information from the news directly to your kitchen table. Local and national news are delivered daily or weekly to your door and you are provided information. The newspaper being a medium for delivering information could make it bear the name courier without problem. Where something is being brought from one place to another, why not allow a newspaper to be a form of a courier.

Though the real courier would be the paper boy or the like, it is still a transfer of documents and information from one source to another. So, we’ll be nice and allow newspapers to continue using courier unscathed, as they deliver you valuable information, as we deliver valuable packages.

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