Courier Services or Employees: Which is the Right Fit?

Posted on October 21, 2020

courier services

In today’s world, keeping up with demands while watching your budget is essential for small businesses. However, with continuously involving technologies and the readily available internet, this task can sometimes seem overwhelming. Regardless of the advances, some business aspects will never change; for instance, the need to move physical documents, merchandise, medical equipment and supplies. The ability to deliver is a huge asset to any company. But, then you’re faced with the decision to utilize professional courier services or qualified staff.

Although at first it may seem like an added expense, using same day courier services rather than your employees can save your business money. Even more, than keeping our budget in mind, the use of this service also contributes to your company’s reputation for professionalism and punctuality.


The budget-friendly option

When you consider the expenses associated with owning a company vehicle, the budget-friendly option becomes clear. From a potential monthly payment to routine preventative maintenance, fuel to insurance, operating a single vehicle or a fleet quickly adds up. And, this is without taking into consideration the costs associated with your employee. Time is money. Every hour that your staff is on the road is production time lost.

Understanding what lies ahead

Professional courier services excel in the safe and efficient delivery of parcels. With an appreciation of time management, your courier will proactively schedule and map out the route beforehand. By doing so, you can have peace of mind that your delivery will arrive where it should when it should. No matter if there’s construction or detours, a professional service is prepared and ready to handle the task at hand.

Having the ability to track and monitor

Sending your employee out for delivery can sometimes open a door of mystery. Which route will they take, will there be traffic, the possibility of getting lost, and the potential for side detours on a personal level may all come into play. However, you can eliminate surprises when using a courier. With real-time tracking, you have eyes on your delivery every second of the way.


The benefits of using trusted professional courier services far outweigh the potential cost associated with employee drivers.  However, choosing the right team of Massachusetts couriers is essential to your business. Have peace of mind by calling Fleet Couriers for all of your business delivery needs.

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