Courier Services New England: In-House or Hire It Out?

Posted on April 21, 2023

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Businesses across multiple industries need to send and receive packages on a regular basis. This leads many business owners to wonder if they should use their own employees to make those deliveries or contract with another company when they need courier services in New England. While there are certainly some companies that will prefer to have in-house couriers, many others will benefit from hiring a courier company.


Here are the key benefits of using courier services in New England for your delivery needs.


Experience and Know-How

Courier and delivery services are a business like any other. There are unique needs and challenges that experienced courier companies know to expect and anticipate. Quickly and efficiently delivering packages safely requires careful planning but also the ability to adapt as challenges arise. For example, couriers plan out their routes ahead of time, but they also pay attention to traffic patterns and road accidents. If taking their planned route will result in a delay, they can adjust the route accordingly to stay on their schedule.


Tracking and Monitoring

When you order something that you need to run your business, you want to know when it will arrive. If you’re waiting on a part to get your equipment up and running again, you don’t want to be waiting around wondering where it is. When you use a reputable courier service for your delivery, you have access to tracking tools so you can see in real time where your package is. That knowledge helps you use your time and staff efficiently and cause minimal disruption to your business.


Cost Effective

You might think that hiring a courier service for your pickups and deliveries is more expensive, but it can actually save you money in the long run. If you use one of your own employees, you either have to have a company vehicle or reimburse them for the use of their own vehicle. Having a company vehicle also comes with many other expenses. You have to pay for fuel, maintenance, registration fees, and more. Plus, if your vehicle breaks down, you have to find another one or fall behind on your shipments. When you hire a courier company, don’t have to worry about any of that. You just tell the courier company where and when, and they take care of the rest.


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